This unique concept offers European standards and Polish hospitality in the heart of Poznań.

The restored 19th-century tenement exudes a unique atmosphere, born out of great passion, where the only limit is the guests’ imagination. From cocktail banquets for 500 people, weddings, live cooking options, to art events, it’s just a glimpse of what’s possible. The venue is open to everyone, with a wide range of activities available. Spread across multiple floors, it includes a restaurant with a beautiful courtyard, a Cigar Room, Whisky Bar, Wine Bar with access to a terrace, and a rooftop cocktail bar with a panoramic view of Poznań. Endless possibilities, openness, flexibility, creativity. Quality, style, and hospitality!

“Wino na Kieliszki” is the only concept of its kind in Poznań. With 40 wine labels available in a self-service system – you come, top up your card, and pour as much as you want, whenever you want. They also serve exquisite tapas.

Afterparty – 19th September, 20:00
Twelve Cocktail Bar M12

We invite all conference attendees to the Tech of Tomorrow Conference afterparty for even more networking and excitement. We are planning unforgettable event with DJ music in a cocktail bar on the M12 rooftop.
The afterparty is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other attendees – industry leaders, visionaries, and experts who are shaping the future of technology, in an informal setup. You will be able to unwind in a friendly atmosphere where ideas flow freely, and opportunities for collaboration abound. From cutting-edge discussions to unforgettable entertainment, this is your chance to be a part of the conversation that defines tomorrow.
The event will be enhanced by an acrobatic performance on ribbons, executed in the historic courtyard and illuminated in colors.